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Virtual Editorial Office

Virtual Editorial Office is designed to facilitate the busy editors as well as the societies with limited resources and funding. It starts from initial submission, reviews, and approvals to handoff of a production-ready format. We follow the standard manuscript processing workflow using streamlined communications between authors, editors, publishers and the production vendors. Customized emails are prepared to use for notifications and requests.

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A Few Words About Us

Virtual Editorial Office was launched specifically to work with the Scientific and Medical Journals following the success of our first venture into on-line editorial office assistance. Within 24 months of our first project we are working with 20 separate journal editorial offices and with Editors from Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Virtual Editorial Office is proud to work with a growing number of international societies and three of the world’s leading publishers. We have gained a huge amount of experience with various journal systems including Editorial Manager, ScholarOne Manuscripts, and eJmanager and others. We are confident in our ability to quickly learn to operate any online journal submission/peer review management system.

Our flexibility and experience enable us to welcome additional journals on either a long or short term basis and our competitive pricing structure allows customers to plan budgets accurately. Our team of online editorial assistants create strong relationships worldwide. The dedication to the journals ensures a smooth and efficient link between Editor and virtual editorial office which benefits the journal as a whole.


Temporary Journals

We have found a particular strength in our ability to provide temporary relief during holidays, sickness and maternity leave. Our structure enables us to help out on a short-term basis often without being spotted! Editors, Reviewers and Authors alike should find no obvious handover period, emails can be easily re-directed and the service the journal administrator would usually offer is not interrupted.

Permanent Journals

When a journal is placed with us on a permanent basis we take a great deal of time and care to find out exactly how it works. Wherever possible we like to meet the Editor(s) and/or Editorial Board so that we can build a complete picture of the journal and, using our own experiences, assist in the future development and success of that journal.

Complete Cover

Our team of online editorial assistants also help each other out during busy periods of a journal’s year, (for a special issues or conferences or meeting the deadline of issue publishing) and also provide holiday cover and sickness cover for each other. This means that, Virtual Editorial Office is always here even during holidays.

Working Steps

Each project is assigned to a dedicated project manager who handles these services and steps:

  • Pre-Contract

  • Acquisitions of resources as Needed

    Compiling names and details of the personnel involved.

  • Review of Proposal Documentation

    Checking all contract details and template letters.

  • Discussions

    Contacting and briefing the individuals involved on acceptance, setting submission terms and dates within established schedules and parameters.

  • Finalizing the Contract

    Prompting the stakeholders, obtaining executed contributor agreements.

  • Post-Contract

  • Obtaining Manuscripts on Time

    Following up the authors and prompting for submissions whose submissions are in process or incomplete.

  • Preparation for External Reviews

    Logging submissions, checking for completeness, assessing usability of art, querying for missing elements, checking for permissions and acquiring them as necessary, forwarding submissions for peer review after consultation with the editors.

  • Timely External Review

    Liaising with reviewers, following up for comments on submission, arranging payment for reviews if any, returning comments to authors/editors for discussion and revisions.

  • Editorial Review

    Forwarding manuscripts for editorial review, returning comments to authors as appropriate, sending author-revised submissions for final editorial approval

  • Final Manuscript Submission to Publisher/production department

    Logging submissions, checking for completeness and resolution of all pending queries, readying manuscript for final handoff.

Key Benefits


With a team of over 8 experienced editorial assistants, we can provide an excellent service throughout the year, working with the journal to ensure that the level of cover required is available.


With an experience of peer review management with many journals, we ensure that the journal workflow moves as efficiently as possible, and follow the journal production schedule.

Cost Savings

No overheads, no maternity or sickness cover, just one cost. Our pricing structure reflects the actual hours required to manage the journal rather than the cost of running the whole editorial office. With our electronic time sheet we are able to monitor hours closely and provide feedback to our customers. Another pricing model is charging per manuscript processed.

Cover Available

Both permanent and temporary journal cover are available. provides permanent and temporary journal cover, often on short notice. Virtual Editorial Office can also provide cover for holidays, sickness & maternity leave and, with our experience, we are able to ‘pick-up’ a journal workflow with minimal disruption.


Keep the same editorial team during changes of Editorship. Change of journal Editor often means a change of editorial staff with a period of recruitment and re-training. This can cause additional expenses for the journal and also potential delays while the handover occurs. By using Virtual Editorial Office, there is no need to worry. Virtual Editorial Office provides stability in these situations with the ability to work with both the outgoing Editor and the incoming Editor, ensuring that the journal continues to run smoothly and to schedule.

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  • Journal Marketing Service
  • Digital Marketing

Content Solutions

  • Copy Editing and Proofreading
  • Production (pdf, html and xml files)
  • News Story/press release

Online Presence

  • Website Development & Maintenance
  • CMS Integration
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